Foster Customer Engagement & Knowledge Sharing

Building a community fosters customer engagement, improves customer experience & promotes peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Customer Engagement

A community fosters customer engagement, improves customer experience & promotes peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Customer Service

Use a community to crowd-source support. Easy-to-discover discussion threads on common queries can deflect a lot of support tickets.

Online Presence

Discussion threads in the community are packed with relevant keywords, questions & content, frequently searched by your target group.

Knowledge Sharing

Community forum is a powerful platform to harness the knowledge of crowd & acts as the crowd-sourced knowledge hub.

Accelerate Innovation

Harness the intelligence of your customers, invite them to provide feedback & vote on potetial product ideas.

Convert Prospects

Community is a great place for customers to write recommendation & share advice, pivotal for capturing & converting prospects.


Different Use Cases For AnswerCart

AnswerCart's community platform can be pivotal in meeting business-critical goals of your organisation.

Community Marketing

A community that intersects your business goals with customer interests, becomes a powerful platform to capture relevant traffic & engage prospective customers.

Collaborative Customer Support

Easy to discover discussion threads deflects a lot of support tickets from your call center as well as, provide you with deep & holistic insights on major pain points & needs of your customers.

Internal Collaboration

An internal community fosters peer-to-peer collaboration & knowledge sharing among your employees. Unlike chat, these discussion threads are accessible to everyone, at all times.

Intuitive, Modern & Highly Customizable

We have reimagined how modern community should look like. AnswerCart's community is engaging with intuitive interface & is customizable according to your design & business needs.

Discussion Forum

AnswerCart provides QnA platform for visitors to interact, discuss & share knowledge.


Our platform supports blogging to drive organic traffic with published content.


Test ideas and get direct customer feedback via our polling feature

Mobile & App Friendly

Our responsive design makes AnswerCart mobile friendly. We also support app integration.

Easy to Deploy

Integrate AnswerCart with your website within minutes via JSON API.

Easy to Customise

Feature & design control panel make our platform easy to customize & blend in with your website or app theme.

Single Sign-On

Seamlessly integrate AnswerCart with your site's existing login system

Easy Discoverability

Relevant content can be easily discovered using tags, category & autocomplete feature.


Drive positive community participation & customer engagement with reward points & reputation badges.

Rich Analytics

Get insights into customer engagement with key engagement metrics. We also support Google Analytics

Auto-Distribution API

AnswerCart supports auto-distribution of community content on the social media platforms.

Auto- Answer API

AnswerCart can be integrated with your chatbot for automatic answering of customer queries.

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Integrations Supported

AnswerCart can be integrated with wide-variety of third-party apps, catering to your business needs.

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What customers say about us

At AnswerCart, we continually measure our performance through continuous customer dialogue. Here are some recent comments from our customers.

AnswerCart is a great platform for us to connect & have meaningful discussions with our network of subject matter experts. On a single platform, we can have all our SMEs interacting with each other & with us. All these discussions act as a knowledge bank, which we refer from time to time.

Mehul Bhat,
Co-founder, FloCareer

Since our integration, we have got a lot of insights & meaningful feedback from community discussions, which have been pivotal in shaping our product. Given that it requires minimum tech support, we have done 3 installation of AnswerCart community on our different products.

Sunil Maheshwari,
Co-Founder, Mango Technologies