Build community using community platform from AnswerCart.
After integration of community platform would be called community.<mysite>.com

Features of Community


Question and Answer

Asking questions and providing answers is the most natural way of sharing knowledge. We maintain structured data in the form of Question, Answer and comments.



Blogging or Article writing promote sharing culture and helps in promotions. we provide contextual and social blogging with enhanced circulation.


Job Board

Job board is an optional feature where we allow job posting and job applying by participant along with Job promotions and sharing.

Tags and Categories

Categorization and Tagging

AnswerCart arranges the content under various tags and categories based on context which increases user engagement and provides structured content.



Users are allowed to socialize with others. Participants can follow people, topic of interest or an individual post.



Community platform is customizable and can be synced with your website or app. All features can be enabled or disabled based on need, themes and design can be controlled via design panel.



Everybody likes games and a bit of competition is a natural way of motivating people. We bring playfulness by rewarding users with reputation points and badges based on their performance.


Search and Share

We allow content searching and smart sharing. Smart sharing allows 12 social media channels including FB, Google and Whatsapp.

Spam and Abuse Control

Spam Control and Abuse Control

Unique Spam and Abuse control machenism provided by AnswerCart reduces the possibility of misuse of community.


Rich Analytics

Communities comes with rich text analytics and insight. We also club related posts(Questions and Blogs) based on their context and help in controlling redundant posts.

Single Signon

Single Signon

We allow to single signon using which community can be integrated with website or app signin process.

Multi Level Admin

Multi Level Admin

Multilevel administration is possible where each level of administrator have different set of capabilities to manage the community.

Auto Answer Api

Auto Answer API

Community generates huge data set in the form of Q&A which can be used by automatic answering of users query in chatbot.

Social Media Distribution

Auto Distribution to Social Media

Automatic distribution of the community content on social media platform increases social media reach at no added direct or indirect cost.

Managed Community

AnswerCart Managed Community

Your community and we manages based on our rich experience in this field at a very minimul incremental cost.

Benefits of Community


Increased Conversions


Boosts Your Remarketing Reach


Improve Your Search Traffic

Business Insight

Valuable Business Insights


Community & Engagement


Improves Service & Support Quality


Saves Time & Resources


Get Qualified Leads

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