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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the overcharges if I cross my plan limit?
Overcharges are only applicable if you cross plan limits for a couple of months in a row. If you do cross your plan limits, someone will contact you for discussing whether you need a page view top-up or plan upgradation.
Will my community stop working if I exceed my plan limit?
Your community will never stop working. Overcharges might be applied if you exceed your plan limit for a couple of months in a row.
See page view top-up.
How can I change my plan?
You can downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime, according to your business needs. Just contact us & we will make it happen.
What are staff users?
Every community needs moderators & administrators. Staff users are the users employed by your company to moderate or administrate your community.
What happens if I decide to switch to a different forum software?
We will share your community data which you can use to migrate to a different vendor.
What services do you offer?
As a part of our product offering, we help you configure your community, create custom community themes , migrate your data from other forum platforms & help you with website or in-app integration.
Can you migrate data from my existing forum?
Migration of data is supported for annual contracts only. We can migrate your data from other common forum software for a reasonably sized community.
Additional charges may be applied if migration requires extra effort. We will provide you with a quote for this.
Can I outsource the management of my community to AnswerCart?
Sometimes our clients don’t have the bandwidth to manage their communities or are reluctant to hire an additional resource. Keeping in mind such scenarios, we have started an additional service called “Managed Community" wherein our clients can outsource the management of their community to us for an additional cost.
We will provide you with a quote after understanding the business requirement & workload.
Are there any discounts for educational institutes or NGOs?
We provide a discount of 50% for legally recognized educational institutes & NGOs.
Please contact us directly to avail this discount.
Is there any discount for small businesses?
Yes, we do provide a discount of 50% for small & locally owned businesses. The eligibility of this offers depends on the business-type & size.
Please contact us to know if you are eligible for this discount.