There is a lot of hype around the online community at the moment. But does that mean that your organization really needs one?

You are not alone. You or your stakeholders may be sceptical about launching an online community – after all, no one is asking for one yet. Why invest in something that may not seem to have an urgent need? You are right to ask questions and be worried. You want to invest your time and money in enhancements that add value to your organization, and it is not practical to include them in any project alone.

Online Community

Each organization is different, with a specific product, niche industry or value promise to its members. But the online community is dealing with three challenges that each organization has:

  1. Customer Support: Online communities provide instant access to resources.
  2. Exclusivity and privacy: Online communities Appeal to start a safe state to promote exchanges.
  3. Brand Recognition and Ambassadors: Online communities make their members feel part of their organization (and their mission).

Let us go deeper.

 1. The online Community 24/7 provides access to information.

The Online community buzzed with a response all the time, much further accessibility to the nine to five customer service department or local reading desk. They stretch organizational resources farther than you can to do it yourself.

Members can ask questions and get answers at any time, rather than sitting on hold to listen to music. Other members may propose creative ways to solve the problem before the representative phase. If a member of the client issues related to the service, they may find a discussion related to the problems they have experienced.

You can also provide resources to help them find the answers they need. The Online community is perfect for this type of services self-support option, as you can create a personal library of data sources for frequently asked questions.

Documents and resources that you should protect after signing in, which protects the information you want to make available to the public on your site. Members can sign in and find the resources they need.

Secure Login also means members have personal spaces to interact.

2. Online exclusive community appeal to encourage sharing.

When members join an online community, it is like you have admitted them to the inner sanctum. They have access to resources, experts and conversations that cannot be seen by people outside the community. Creating a data protection community provides space for members to open, merge, and express themselves.

In addition, using a secure, online chat room is not common on social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, you give them the privacy they need to openly share.

The private community is taking proven concepts of public social networks and making it safer.

Members do not have to worry about any of the people who are digging for their information. Members may be more inclined to trust another user purely based on the fact that they are in this gated community, too. This, in turn, can lead to a more successful solving of problems and networking.

3. Online communities will make members feel part of your organization.

How can you confirm this feeling of connection and fall under your case or brand? The answer is often simple: to help people feel heard.

A member may suggest an update to a product that has been confirmed and reposted by other members, and can even enter the product when your organization sees buzz. Members become part of the feedback loop and become part of the broader story you tell.

The community gives members access to you and other members and promotes a sense of belonging to the community.

People buy or join organizations because they are united around a common theme. Giving members of the online community is the perfect way to convince them of your task and make them part of the task.

Go beyond fulfilling the hidden needs.

No matter what kind of organization you are in, you are probably always looking for ways to increase peoples satisfaction with what you give. By offering them more than they expect and providing an excellent experience, one can be more pleased with the offer and retain them as members or customers year after year. If you decide to continue with the online community, you might want to consider doing some research on how the community fits into your organization.

The new online community members will benefit from their community experience right away, making it a great way to cross fill these three hidden needs. Members and customers can not shout at the online community now, but you can bet that they will jump right in.


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