One of the most frequent question related to the online community is, "As why I forgot the members of the community involved?" As the saying goes, a neck fighting for a product that primarily aims to make the community scarcely regarded as a seller.

As members of the community began to create and share content all the time, and the whole community uses a lot of exposure, the greater the level of engagement and Best classes research results.

 The Power Of User Generated Content

The power of user generated content

User-generated content is easy, in fact, it sounds like. User generated content (pictures, videos, recordings, graphics, Tweets, etc). To boost revenue, brand or brand page at target. They do not need the respective customers goals, but a side effect. At the beginning of the century, 2010 Coca Cola company through the most successful user-generated content campaigns. It was as simple as the initial case, they prompted people to Share a Coke and plastered every name imaginable on the sides of their bottles.

This simple act on the Internet, a user-generated content to millions of flood levels. Find people like people sharing a Coke to go along, they are big in length its name in an attempt to find a bottle of more length. Coca-Cola bottles of Coca-Cola consumers, millions of photos to share when we do not care and it is their Facebook friends are tagged, but the result was an increase sales for Coca Cola. What is more, a decade later, revenue increased, these simple campaign the U.S. Coca Cola points in order to increase the sales.

Growth and driving traffic

User-created content has helped a lot with well-known brands. At a basic level, it aims to increase the level of commitment to your community and inspire you to participate in the campaign. UGC is also a fantastic way to help your online community grow and communicate. It is also a great way to increase your presence on the Internet without anyone putting an overload of time. As in the case of Coca Cola, the majority content was created by Coca-Cola itself and not by the community. Online forums have been using this tactic for years. Creating fan art, naming products, creating slogans, or sharing your own experiences with the community is everything that is different from what your company produces.

Long-term winning game

Over time, user-generated content pays for itself based on actual revenue and goodwill within the community. The more content you create, the more interest you have in the community. The main reason for success is to have the community in the drivers seat. And at the end of the day, a successful community is driven by its community members.

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