When you think of Search Engine Optimization, the opportunity to optimise the SEO via the community forum is not the first thing that comes to your mind. In fact, most SEO strategies targeted around the Web page Rank or content creation but not with the user-driven content creation strategies such as community forum.

Let us first see what most of the Search Engine Loves

  • Neatly organizes the coding and platform designs so that the search engines can crawl and index them.
  • The number of backlinks for the site, i.e. how many different websites connect and how to transfer traffic.
  • Not all links are created identically. Links from high Authority sites as well-known outlets will have a greater impact than friends by putting links on their blogs.
  • The quality of the content contained in the website or forum, including the frequency of posting.
  • The time of the site that the user spends on the domain.
  • Social sharing of WEB pages
  • And best of all, have an engaging forum where forum users are trying to use keywords and phrases in search engines.


Online community and SEO strategy

What is more, search engines try to connect their users to the site to answer their questions? Because of this, if someone searches for an item like "Hosted Community Software", you will see AnswerCart near the top right away.

Translate this method to Generate Forum traffic and via forum to the website

Now you can see the key to generate positive search engine results, such as content, traffic, popularity, etc. All three are important and you should consider planning for generating traffic to the forum and from forum to the website.

There are some basic considerations.

1. Consider keeping the forum open

Forums that require registration before displaying content will be more difficult from an SEO standpoint. In general, a forum that runs this way is the only way to view content, so you can see the increase in membership. However, there can be no involvement in progress.

A public forum will allow anyone to come and see your content, so you will see fewer memberships. However, you can also use it to search for the content itself. In General, the more easily you join and let you interact, the better it will be.

2. Create a promotional video

Search engines love dynamic sites with various content and nowhere is more true than video. The algorithm of the search engine is constantly evolving, but the content is still king and the video makes great content. If you create your own or not, encouraging a community to create and share yourself is a great way to help strengthen your SEO.

3. Forum Links and Promotions

SEO is not a short-term fix, but a long-range strategy. Reach the results and do a little or all of the above you will not get to go up to the first page of Google during the night to take the time. It is important to promote the forum and link it with the forums.

4. Content and community to are King

At the end of the day, all the smoke and mirrors tricks do not get your forum anywhere, if it is a dull, lifeless game. As a Community Manager, you are funding a community where you and your members are involved in creating new original content.

The search engine values are a lot of things, but everyone wants their users to enjoy the experience they are looking for. If your forum is true to your purpose and the community loves you, the search engine will be too.

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