In the past few years, we may see the majority of business use social media channels as the marketing platform to have a better consumer and brand interactions. At present, most of the business throughout the world has a great social media presence. However, not all of the businesses are effectively and actively engaging in the internet marketing strategy.

Plenty of ways are available for obtaining leads via social media, which is simply caked social media marketing or inbound marketing. Occasionally, we have heard about the term community management. In fact, community management and social media marketing are two distinct practices but they have some overlap. Are you going to choose the effective one between them? If yes, then you should understand the differences between them. Here, we have described some important information about both and make use of them to make a right decision.

Community Management vs Social Media Management

Community management: It is the process of developing and modifying the existing community in the effort in order to make the stronger community. Usually, it means attracting new or target people to the community and easily reaching out the inactive or older community people and then bring them back into the field. Additionally, it also provides many opportunities for the present participants in the community to engage with one another. The main aspect of the overlap is that managing the community actively on the social media leads to more engaged visitors.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing is just like other types of marketing on the ground. Our ultimate objective is to drive more and more people to make a purchase with our company. Additionally, we need to increase the visibility and brand reputation. The medium of marketing is only different in the social media marketing. Typically, the marketing strategies implemented on the Twitter, Facebook, and other social profile.

How community management different from social media marketing: We often confused with these two terms as it renders the same marketing service. However, social media marketing is the fluid and poorly defined process for all purposes. It simply uses social media in order to promote your business. On the other hand, community management refers to any attempts to nurture, cultivate, or engage with the audience. Thus, if you are posting anything on social media along with the intention of developing your social media audience, then it called as community management.

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