Customer support is a major challenge for the technology companies, better the customer support higher the user satisfaction. In this article we highlight the major benefits of an online community in terms of reducing customer support cost & delivering faster resolutions to customers.

Technology companies should use a growing arsenal of other tools to create a competitive advantage. Peer support now plays an important role in the management of customer relations. To be honest, they are undivided.

This requires a community forum that integrates with CRM and contacts software to provide seamless experiences for employees and customers and enable you to make more use of efficient data-driven business outcomes.


Less management on support calls

Given the central role of peer-to-peer forums and information bases in client relationship Management, it is affordable to integrate these processes.

When everything works along, repetitive hundreds area unit reduced to a minimum and productivity will increase. Technical support personnel does not have to be compelled to pay time work on to multiple systems to answer a matter. – Instead, all the data is instantly before you, which is delineated within the acquainted interface you employ a day. Additionally, support managers does not have to be compelled to devote enough time to update and maintain multiple databases.


Persistent user Experience

Making life easier for your support team makes life easier for your customers. Single sign-on, branding and mobile integrations will allow you to replicate the branding of your company. 

User behavior on community sites is like a party: people arrive, see what is going on and, if it is fun, they stay. Essentially, users are exploring and contributing. The user experience of the community needs to accommodate each of these levels of user behavior. In other words, customers can enjoy a stable user experience that they’re used to without having to learn multiple applications and procedures.


Data-driven tasks and ideas

Research shows that customer proximity is one of the most important sources of competitive advantage. It is about creating such powerful tools for the online community to learn about their customers and solve the problems they face. The integrated platform combines everything under one roof, providing employees with easy access to all the information they need to provide more efficient and personalized support.

All digital activities generate data. In fact, in todays world, the term "big data" has become one of the largest technologically fashionable at the moment, and there is a lot of data. The problem is that all these data are visualized and transformed into actions to understand.


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