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How can I improve my engagement online?

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posted May 9 by Likhitha

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1 Answer

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There is nothing innovative about understanding the need to increase your online presence for a more successful marketing campaign. Where the innovation lies, however, is in the methods you use to engage your audience and drive traffic to your business’ website.

Experiential Marketing
Often, it is what your business does offline that drives potential customers to look for you online. While experiential marketing isn’t directly aimed at increasing online engagement, you will see more people visiting your business website. Experiential, or engagement marketing, uses real-world events that encourage customers to participate—actively engaging them with your brand.

Innovative Social Media Engagement
Only posting on social media platforms to maintain a social media presence is not enough anymore. How many of your customers do you think scroll past a sea of marketing posts every day? It helps to engage your audience and customers through your social media platforms.

Unique Packaging
Your product packaging is more important than you might think. If you are using the traditional brown box packaging, you are missing out on many branding opportunities. Taking the time to design unique packaging for your products can make the difference between a customer purchasing from your website once and a customer coming back to your site because you made a memorable experience for them.

answer May 10 by Sandip Das