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Can someone help me with building a Marketing Plan for Engagement and new users?

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posted Apr 29 by Naveen Kumar

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So, our purpose is to drive more revenue to the business through our current customer base and new customers through Google. Current customers on the eCommerce site is several thousand. Current customers on our community is close to 350 in Germany. This includes customers and employees. We have close to 5% of those customers and employees active right now. My goal is to have over 1000 German customers on the community by the end of the year. I would like to have 10%+ of those customers and employees (experts) active by the end of the year. Things that they care about are (Electricians are our customers) topics around LED Lighting, Smart Home, Circuit Breakers, Solar, Wiring, and other electrical topics.

One way to reach our existing customer base is from our eCommerce site within Germany. We have added links to our community on the eCommmerce site on the header, footer, and have added RSS feeds to some of the pages. We are about to add “RSS” to the PDP.

We have also created toaster ad’s that promote the community, which have helped a lot, but are somewhat expensive.

Customers seem to really like the community, but the biggest issue that we are facing is an internal one. Our company has been around for 70+ years and we are a B2B company. This means digital is completely new to our company and our industry. My thought is, if we can get the employees engaged, by posting good content and getting their customers to get on the community, then that’s a big win. I do have a strategy for that, and is working in Canada. I have to now convince Germany to do something similar, but there are some legal barriers to overcome.

answer Apr 30 by Anshu Agarwal
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