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What are good examples of strong online communities?

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posted Mar 11 by Sandip Das

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1 Answer

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Hacker News.

Hacker News is one of the biggest news sites in the tech industry. The target audience is web developers and software engineers. Posts on the site talk about the latest developments in the tech world, and products and blog posts that get on the front page tend to generate significant traction. Hacker News gets over 1.6 million page views and 100,000 unique visitors a day. If you link up a popular post that gets traction within the community, you could land on the front page and get tens of thousands of visitors to your site.

Product Hunt.

Product Hunt is a forum for discovering cool tech products from around the world. Its initial users included venture capitalists and startup founders from the Bay Area. They also have in-person meetups with hundreds of attendees. Many tech companies have used Product Hunt as a launching pad.

Tropical MBA.

TropicalMBA is a targeted group of location-independent entrepreneurs (many of whom sell SaaS products or services). Members pay a quarterly subscription fee to be part of the group, where they help each other out with challenges that come with growing a business. By paying to be part of a group, you can increase your chances of getting higher quality customers.

Facebook groups.

You can also join and add value to Facebook groups within your niche. Some groups are more valuable and targeted than others — typically, Facebook groups that are started and nurtured by influencers in an industry tend to have pretty high-quality discussions.

The Startup Chat’s Facebook group is a great place to interact with entrepreneurs and marketers that listen to The Startup Chat podcast.

answer Mar 12 by Mayuri Munnolimath