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How branded online communities can boost your ROI?

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posted Mar 7 by Gowtham

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1 Answer

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The research results indicated that the types of interactions branded online communities foster creates not just increased exposure for a company’s brand, but a deeper connection with the customer. Companies that have created their own online communities have reported a number of benefits, including improved quality of customer service and support, a deeper connection and understanding of customer / prospect needs, increased user engagement and more marketing / cross promotional opportunities.

Here are the top five reasons branded online communities matter:

1. Reduces support costs

Anything that increases revenue or decreases costs is a win for businesses of any size.

2. Increases retention and engagement

People love to be connected to brands and other customers. This connection builds loyalty and loyalty increases retention.

3. Product feedback and development

Forums are a great way for customers to tell you exactly what they want and also let you know if they are having any issues.

4. Increased sales

By building a branded online community, companies are able to establish a virtual marketplace where they can promote directly to their customers.

5. Brand integrity

When customers visit the online community, and find good information and hear positive comments, it immediately increases their overall impression of the brand.

answer Mar 8 by Rishabh Agarwal