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What are the Advantages of Online Communities over Traditional Focus Groups?

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posted Feb 5 by Sandip Das

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1 Answer

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1. Mobile
Online communities allow consumers to participate from their computer, tablet or mobile phone. They can share their opinions and insights anywhere, anytime and with any device. Unlike in-person focus groups, their feedback doesn't stop after two hours in a conference room (or online chat session).

2. Millennials
Of course, not every study is focused on Millennials, but when they are your target, online is better. And, online and mobile is best.

3. Multiple Segments
Focus groups generally include 8-10 people from a single segment. On the other hand, online communities allow you to engage 50-150 people across 4-5 different segments in a single study.

4. More Participants & More Insights
As mentioned previously, a single online community can engage in 5-10 times more consumers than a single focus group. While engaging 100+ people in a focus group is impossible, with an online community, it's very straightforward.

answer Feb 8 by Mayuri Munnolimath