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Why online communities should be advocacy-driven?

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posted Jan 23 by Alok Kumar

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1 Answer

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What’s causing this massive shift? Well, customers don’t join your online community to talk about your brand (boring!) or complain about product bugs (that’s unfortunately what Twitter is for now).

Instead, they join because they want to interact with their peers, learn from each other and partner with your brand to improve your products—which is exactly what an advocate community is for.

If you provide a purpose-driven community, where customers can interact with your brand and each other, they’ll see more value—and, in return, so will you.

For example, if you give customers the chance to build their professional network, showcase their thought leadership, and get more value from your products (either by interacting with other customers or your employees) they won’t be able to stop coming back.

Access to tons of customer-generated content and ideas to use in your marketing campaigns or in your knowledge base. The feedback you can use to inform your product roadmap or marketing campaigns.

A place where prospects can validate your brand promises. They may also consider an active customer community a bonus reason to sign with you!

An easy way to tap into customer love whenever you need testimonials, help to promote content or events on social media, or PR requests—the list is endless.

answer Jan 24 by Ravi Ranjan