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How to optimizing your Forum for SEO Purposes?

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posted Oct 9, 2018 by Nadeem

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1 Answer

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  • Clean coding and design of platform, making it easy for search engines to crawl and index
  • The number of backlinks a site has linking to its, i.e. how many other websites are linking to you and sending traffic your way.
  • Not all links are created equal. Links from high authority sites such as a well-known news outlet will have a greater impact than your friend putting a link on their blog.
  • The quality of the content contained within your website or forum (including frequency of posting).
  • Time on site that your users spend on domain
  • Social sharing of webpages
  • And the best, as forum users most likely users of your product, the keywords and phrases they use are similar to the terms being searched on search engines.
answer Oct 10, 2018 by Chandan H A