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What not to do when developing your Engagement Strategy?

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posted Jan 21 by Nithisha R

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1 Answer

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When developing a member engagement strategy, you have to be sure that you're asking your customers or members to do the right things. For instance, when members first join a community, you could ask them to post an introduction to the community. But does this work? Not really.

Often it can seem like a good idea to ask your members to post an introduction or even force your members to complete their profile before they are able to interact and engage with the community. Both research and common sense tell us that these types of activities actually decrease a person's willingness to engage within the community.

This is because our profiles are a way of impressing the other members of the community. But how can we post information about ourselves to impress the other community members if we don't know what is valued within that community? This is the same reason why asking new members to post an introduction doesn't really work all that well either.

Keep in mind that whatever content or information you are asking your new community members to post is also of interest to your current membership as well.

answer Jan 22 by Mohd Rehan