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How can I get involved in Community Organizing?

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posted Jan 11 by Nadeem

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1 Answer

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Volunteer: “A lot of people who are organizers got into this work by volunteering. They joined a group and worked hard to make a difference while also learning about the field. I believe in volunteering on principle, but strongly recommend it for people interested in community organizing. You have to learn to navigate the various organizations working on policy and on-the-ground change and you have to learn how to connect with the people you serve.”

Don’t be afraid to be the harasser: “I have to be all the things that people don’t like rolled into one: The bill collector. The harasser. The agitator. But it’s about persistence, which involves irritating people. I’m calling you up and trying to get you to buy into something that is worth your time and money. If you want people to buy in, you have to keep going.”

Embrace the spectrum of organizing: “Community organizing is huge. There are so many places to plug in: governments, nonprofits, communications roles, etc. Figure out what works for you. Community organizing is not just going door to door with a clipboard. Take a position that seems a little off to you—it’ll be a learning experience.”

answer Jan 14 by Rishabh Agarwal