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What can be your greatest contribution to your community?

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posted Jan 7 by Nithisha R

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1 Answer

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This is going to sound opposite of how to benefit a community but the greatest contribution is to benefit an individual. One by one. Positive changes to people affect a whole community. Each individual is a part of a community. Take whatever strengths you have to influence an individual, whether it’s something as simple as cooking something for them because they are busy or having an open-minded conversation to expand each other's awareness of any matter. All seems little but an inspired, refreshed spirit and an open mind can positively contribute to a community.

It's the little things that make big changes. Its the teaching them how to fish rather than handing them a fish. That’s my greatest personal contribution to community. Affecting individuals by sharing your time in a productive way. Sharing my business experience, my examination with my life, my spiritual journey, exploring social topics, and yes, talking openly about differences in political stance, so bottom line- sharing positivity with an open mind. I know, this response seems elementary, a bit insulting and not inspirational. It’s because making social change is slow as molasses and it starts from the basics. Without a solid foundation in place, it doesn’t matter what a government does or what great local programs it offers. Change requires personal intervention. The statement “people don’t change” is inaccurate. What’s more likely is “people don’t change….unless they want to change.” I can go on in lengths with this topics because it’s not something that can be answered with a few paragraphs.

answer Jan 8 by Mohd Rehan
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