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How do I create a successful developer community around a platform?

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posted Dec 26, 2018 by Prince

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1 Answer

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  1. First, remember that it will get easier. The toughest stage is getting off the ground, convincing people that even though there’s no-one else there, it’s a good idea to dip their toes into those waters. Once the community’s up and running, that hesitation diminishes.
  2. Offer meaningful content: tips, insights, secrets that help their work.
  3. Offer meaningful contact: be present. Offer yourself as a meaningful member/leader of the community: helpful, personable, reliable. Looking for feedback is a great way to encourage contact. Stay on the bugs reported by the community - whenever possible seek their input. But for sure make yourself available: knowing you can be a big incentive.
  4. Whenever possible, have fun. it doesn’t all have to be business.
  5. Keep a very tight rein on the community: don’t let toxic personalities gain control. Work with and/or suspend problem users.
  6. Recognize and reward community leaders - people who make a positive difference. Appreciate them, connect with them, interact in ways that show you’re aware of what they’re doing and make that public whenever feasible. These are your targets for more personal relationships.
  7. Make the community rules clear and positive. People will be looking for input on what’s acceptable behaviour and how to gain status. Make your directions one of the first things they see.
  8. Remember the have fun part (especially when it isn’t really).
answer Dec 27, 2018 by Monisha R Shetty