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What are the best forums for freelancers?

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posted Nov 19, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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CodeMentorX - A platform for mobile and web developers.

Freelance Writing Gigs - This is a platform dedicated to content writers, bloggers, editors, and the like.

Other platforms offer diversity regarding the type and field of work. Some popular freelance websites include

Rehab Digital - This platform offers freelancers for website designing, search engine optimization, WordPress, graphic designing, and social media marketing among others.

Upwork - It is one the biggest freelancing platform out there. You can find projects and freelancers for a wide range of niches, such as writers, coders, web designers, accountancy, data entry, translation, and more.

Toptal - Toptal’s screening process is highly regarded. Once you pass, you will be able to work with top companies, such as Airbnb or JPMorgan.

Peopleperhour - This platform is part of various niches, like web and graphics, writing and translation, mobile and web development, software development, marketing and media, and administration services.

answer Nov 20, 2018 by Ruthvick S