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Why owning your own community is better than using a Facebook Group?

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posted Sep 27, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Facebook Groups are tempting to use as they are free to set up but is this the best decision for the future of your business?

At the beginning with just a handful of members, things may fun fine. But fast forward to where your group becomes busy with thousands of members posting and reading.

Your group becomes overwhelming. You find it hard to locate posts made on previous days and search is of no use. It is getting harder to keep on top of troublesome and spamming members.

Worse still, Facebook's changing algorithms mean that your members are not seeing every post you make. You do as Facebook asks and link your page to your group to find that you must now boost posts to reach your members.

This is getting to be a very common scenario.

Even more worrying are rumours that Facebook is bringing advertising to groups. Will this allow your competitors to target your hard won membership?

Will Facebook roll out the "Discover" tab across all continents? This alone has destroyed organic reach for many brands.

What would you do if Facebook blocked your account for a week? Would your sales suffer?

There is a way to take back control of your membership and secure your business' future. Building your business on your own land is a powerful way of retaining complete control over your community regardless of what happens to Facebook longer term.

Created in 2002, Invision Community has always adapted to the changing habits of the internet. Our latest product is clean, modern, mobile ready and equipped to integrate with social media. It can power your conversations, website and shopping cart. It features single click Facebook sign in and tools to promote scheduled content to your Facebook page.

We recently wrote why you shouldn't settle for a Facebook Group when building a community.

The benefits of an owned Invision Community are:

You own your own data. Your data is not mined for Facebook's benefit.
Make it yours by branding it your way
You're no longer boxed in by the Facebook format
Seamless integration to your shopping cart for more monetization opportunities
Set up permission levels to better control what your members can see

answer Oct 5, 2018 by Ruthvick S