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Why executives need to care about Community?

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posted Jun 3 by Chandrashekar Sarang

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1 Answer

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When it comes to community, more often than not, executives have no idea what it means or how it can be leveraged to save costs and increase brand loyalty. As it turns out, all the benefits that having a community can bring to an organization align with the goals and priorities of most executives.The problem is, when trying to sell the idea of a community by connecting it with company priorities and goals, it’s sometimes difficult since the benefits of a community can be hard to quantify. So, how can you show that community is beneficial? How can you sell the idea or give community a proper defence to skeptical executives?

Well, the fact is that executives need to care because they should care about community. Community offers immense value through not only impacting the bottom line but also in creating experiences that leave a positive impression on customers. Ultimately, happy customers are customers that stay, and brands who don’t align their digital strategy with customer demands are at risk of losing business to competitors that deliver.

But how important is it that executives care about community, and how does that impact the success or failure of your planning, rollout and the overall results?

To discuss these issues, we invite two experts to give their two-cents on this topic. Together, they provide us with some insight, not only from the viewpoint of those working in the community space, but also from the viewpoint of an executive.

Our first expert is the VP of Strategy at Leader Networks, Adam Zawel. Leader Networks is a research and consulting firm that helps companies use digital and social technologies to gain competitive advantages. Adam has worked as a community builder and strategist most of his career and now works to help others improve their customer experience, increase revenue and drive employee productivity.

answer Jun 4 by Ruthvick S