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Is your online community Included in your Knowledge base?

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posted Jun 3 by Nithisha R

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1 Answer

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In my view, this is where the magic happens. When a strong and successful community meets with a knowledge base, the most powerful combo is created; they are simply better together. When community and knowledge base work together, a number of things are made possible through their intersection:

Amazing ability for Customer Self-Help: People can usually search both the community and the knowledge base at the same time (a.k.a Federated Search). They can select the content that helps best answers their issues.

The combo of community + knowledge base, means you have both customer and internal knowledge covered - and a space to record them both. This is shared across organizations that apply best practices, and as a result, great customer insights get added to the knowledge base.

Usually the nexus of shared responsibility is the customer support/success team. They need both of these tools to empower customer success and satisfaction.

People expect these channels. In recent studies, it’s been found that 70% of people expect a website to have a self-support function.

Did I also mention the amazing benefit for SEO? According to a study conducted by the TSIA, 90% of people looking for help started in Google. How can you not benefit for the maximum coverage of both customer generated content asked in their own voice and your own official answers in the knowledge base?

answer Jun 4 by Mohd Rehan
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