Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How much traffic improvement can be seen after installation of community?
    Most of our community installations has seen 30%-70% traffic improvement over a period of three to six months. In the case of Mobile App this number is 50%-70% where as in case of website it is 30%-50%. Check Our customers Alexa Rank and see how much traffic lands on community section (in the Alexa Traffic Analysis at the bottom).
  • Q: How much effort is required to keep a community LIVE?
    Though community is self managed system but it also require little admin. In the Initial days it requires seeding and someone who can answer the questions raised by the people. We expect all community buyer to allocate half to one person bandwidth to manage or curate the community?
  • Q: How much time is required to integrate the community?
    If it is only website then it requires few hours (max one day including single signon) and you are on ready to seed. In case of mobile app integration requires couple of days to integrate including cloud messaging. In case of paid version our team helps in integration so that you can go LIVE asap.
  • Q: What type of marketing budget is needed to market this new feature?
    It is difficult to answer this question but if we integrate well with the master website/app by covering all touch points then marketing budget can be drastically reduced.
  • Q: Who answers the questions raised in the community?
    In general community users answers the question raised by the other users. But in initial days till one get the critical mass, as a community admin you are expected to solve the peoples problem.